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call recording

Based on what I read from careers after graduation, a career based on engineering for telecommunications is a promising one. The pay is very good too.


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In Boston, the left-leaning Globe and right-leaning Herald had articles about Air America when the nwerotk debuted (4/1/04), when Boston picked it up (10/4/04), and when Franken and Miller did their shows from Boston. The Globe naturally seemed more charmed with the idea of libtalk.In addition WBZ-TV did a news feature on Steph Miller (it was linked tothe AAR site for awhile)...More than a bit of free publicity from the mainstream media.Usually conservative talkers don't get covered unless it's an embarassing situation (Rush'soxy problem, DePetro's comments...btw rumor has it he's talking toCC about returning to WHJJ inProvidence--see Prov board atradio-info.com)

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