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J.R. Cook

Great Topic. I am going to throw an interesting twist to this. New Edge Networks does not do Hosted VoIP, but our ability to provide MPLS with COS over multiple access types, including ADSL, makes us a great carrier option for Hosted VoIP customers.

Our recent release of our AX program is kind of a BYOVoIP (Bring Your Own VoIP) solution. New Edge allows multiple VoIP providers to connect directly into our private MPLS network, ensuring COS to prioritize voice packets, and allow all traffic between customer locations to never leave the NEN MPLS network.

New Edge has done this successfully with such respected VoIP providers like 8x8; AccessLine; Broadsmart; One Source Networks; SimpleSignal; and Xcast Labs. It also allows the Agent to choose the best VoIP provider for the specific customer needs, from POTS Replacement to more complicated IVR solutions.

This allows Agents to provide thier favorite Hosted VoIP solution across a network that can consistently support that application.

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