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Dan Baldwin, Executive Director, Telecom Association


The WEM I saw & liked at the show was eMobius by www.WCS.com. You can contact Jay Morris at jmorris@wcs.com or 404-918-4653. WCS has a TEM solution as well.

For TEM you should also look at www.TeleSourceInc.net. They have a nice solution that they can white label. Contact Ronnie Bice at rbice@telesourceinc.net or 704-990-7606.

For IP-PBX I like (and have myself sold) PAETEC's Allworx solution. To get referred to a PAETEC agent manager contact Shawn Cordner at Shawn.Cordner@PaeTec.com or 856-380-7210. Zultys & Star2Star also have IP-PBX solutions that agents seem to be liking. These last two are not TA vendors but you can find them on the Internet.

Whenever you discuss IP-PBX equipment solutions with your clients also compare them to the advantages of hosted VoIP like the www.SimpleSignal.com and others.


Iraj Partovi, Varietel Communications

Hi Dan,

I enjoyed your coverage of the Channel Partners Expo. Can you point me to some of the TEM, WEM software/service providers. I also like to learn about the new IP PBX companies that you have covered in the 10th item in your posting.


Iraj Partovi
Varietel Communications

Dan Baldwin, Telecom Association, Executive Director


You know I'm a "Simple Man" but I don't want agents to sell one thing or another.

I encourage agents to listen to their clients, educate them about all the VoIP options and risks (like a lawyer) and then help their client implement the option the client selects.

For whatever reason many clients still want (and WILL BUY from someone) a VoIP phone system that goes in their closet. Agents ought to know which VoIP IP-PBXs other agents and clients are buying and why.

Your "Simple Friend" Dan

Dave Gilbert, CEO, SimpleSignal

Ok Dan. Time for a throw down. I'm taking exception to Point 10. In a world where business has to move to the cloud to remain competitive you still want agents to recommend premised based equipment? Sure, then tell them they should sell analog lines and PRI's because they can get a better deal than sip trunks or a T1 with a class of service. Please have your readers consult www.Broadsoft.com for an unbiased opinion of the premise vs hosted debate or www.simplesignal.com for my teams perspective.
Dave Gilbert, CEO, SimpleSignal Inc.

Sam Mitchell, Sales & Marketing Director, TeleBright Software Corp.

Great blog! I can't agree with point 9 enough. Wireless Expense Management (WEM) is a perfect chance for telecom agents to increase their revenues.

We (TeleBright) were featured heavily in a case study within the Moving Up in Mobility Device & Expense Management on Monday. The featured partner saved $3 million dollars for their client by using TeleBright's ManageRight Pro solution for WEM.

If you want to work with us here at TeleBright and earn fantastic residual income each month as well as free up a substantial amount of your customers budget to start spending on your key services let me know. Call me on 301-296-3922 and I can show how you can start taking advantage of WEM today!

Brad James

Very Informative! Thank your for the snapshot of the show.

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