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Chuck Anthony

I doubt that he was competing with an incumbent as 65% already are using an alternative.

jay adams

Interesting that he said the Incumbents would match the competitors price. I have heard that the Incumbents have Tariffs that they have to sell at like the ILECs for Telecom so something seems amiss.

Good to hear others perspective but there has to be good opportunities for Energy in some areas based on what others I've read/heard from.


I think if you can position supply in addition to ancillary offerings (i.e. retrofitting) then you create a sticky offering with some very nice margins. Any prospective agent who is looking to get involved in energy will need to spend the time educating themselves. You can't just think money and jump right in, you start small gain confidence and make the larger steps.

We are seeing the commoditization of telecom just as energy has already experienced. However, in energy we won't necessarily see the rates go down for good due to stronger impact of supply and demand (fuel source availability.) Either way, their is no denying the intersection of these two industries with IP based lighting just on the door step.

Mike Tighe

Great interview and congrats to the agent for getting his feet wet. It's always helpful to hear from other agents. The interview confirms some of my hesitation with selling energy. It seems to generate a lot of sizzle but have yet to see any steaks. It's never as easy as it sounds.

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