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Jim Glackin, Channel Director - Qwest Business Partner Program

Buying a VAR seems like a great idea on paper, but it often does not work out in the end. Many times, the key resources, that were critical to the success of the VAR, will leave after the merger and go work for other VARs. Because they owned the customer relationship, they will continue to sell to their customers, but under a different logo. Additionally, the VAR world is a very different world and running both the VAR and the carrier can be troublesome. It's often best to stick to what you are good at, execute well, and outsource/partner to fill gaps.

The VARs and carriers can be very successful, but the carriers cannot support and engage the VARs in the same way that they engage with their traditional carrier sales agents and still expect any significant level of success. Master Agents can be critical to the success of the VAR/Carrier model. TBI is one such Master that has had incredible success in establishing themselves as the "glue" between the VAR and the carrier.

It can be done. It is being done. You just have to shift your perspective and focus on the right areas and drive the right urgencies.

Ken Mercer, VP Sales, TBI

For us, a master agent, I find the best value for VARS and agents is the ability to offer both sides of the equation, CPE and service, without loosing control of the relationship from outside influences.

If you asked us to quote a PRI, and nothing else we will. This is a match made in heaven for anyone offering technology solutions to their customers, and is the natural evolution of where the market is going, selling solutions.

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