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Energy Procurement Strategies

It is true that there is a great deal of money in the energy business. However, it is important that when using the energy business to make an intro into telecom up-sells, you bring a legitimate energy procurement strategy to the table for your client.

Much damage or much good can be done, depending on the research you put into the deal before you go in to sell it.

Roy Tanner

It's refreshing to see the great enthusiasm and knowledge from all the people and companies engaged in the "ENERGY REVOLUTION".

We are all the pioneers of this movement.

All of us at the 5Star Companies want to thank everyone that attended Energy5Star's gas & electric procurement training held in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida on June 8th.

The event was a big hit with the attendees and the feedback has been incredible.

Great Selling,
Roy Tanner

Miles Lee

Alliance Cost Containment helps businesses and organizations reduce their operating expenses by 10-45%. ACC reviews up to 50 distinct expense categories and shares in the savings with our clients. We are actively developing referral partnerships with TA member master agents and sub agents. Contact [email protected] or 866-364-2848 if interested in learning more.

Fritz Kreiss

If you are interested in renewable energy- come to www.ecofair360.com This is a renewable energy, green building, alternative fuel, sustainable living fair July 16-18 by Lake Geneva, WI filled with 100s of exhibitors and almost 130 workshops on all kinds of subjects.

You can even sign up for our solar electric sweepstakes- you can win a 1kw solar electric system (4,500 value)on-line.

Energy is constantly changing and we work very hard to offer solutions today and be prepared for the future.

Fritz Kreiss

Gas and electric are both profitable. We have customers in over 22 states between them. Some states are only gas and some only electric and some both. The size of the customer is important in some states for gas. This year, electricity took over as the money maker for us.
If I tell my customer I only got one price and I represent only one solution, I am asking him to go and find some more prices. Instead, AUS, with multiple supply options handles Energy Procurement for customers and their can be quite a difference in pricing and products available. We have been doing energy since 1993.

Fritz Kreiss

Looking at renewables- see our installltion of my wind turbine at www.thegreenleafinn.com. We are also interested in looking for customers in a few states (NJ for example) where we will put solar at no cost on the roof and sell the power. Customer gets a long term rate and huge PR benefits- It is called a PPA.

Our solar development company is developing a solar farm in NJ and hope to break ground in Sept- it is 19.6 Mw and contains 288,000 solar panels. We are open to looking for some connections in NJ where you could be compensated.

Fritz Kreiss

We have a sister company that markets RECs (100% wind green -e energy certified) for companies looking to green up their electric foot print. We just did a deal for a multi-location customer that greened up their electric and they will now participate in our Solar for Schools program where they will be tied in PR to a School getting solar with no investment. One other customer bought RECs and we converted their fleet delivery vehicles to natural gas for added savings- Good margins going green with RECs- www.communitygreenenergy.com

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