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Herb Levitin

Qwest is positioning themselves to survive after the FCC or a judge rules against their self-help actions of not paying settlement fees. It is suspected that Qwest has a $500B unrecorded liability for not paying their settlements for the last 3 years.

Ken Mercer

How does TBI view this?

Our agents are protected under contract for the large amount of business we manage with Qwest. So we would see no changes in the way new and existing business would be paid.

TBI has a great relationship with CenturyTel (formally Embarq)

If this merger can help the profits of both companies, and expand the local facilities of Qwest it could be a great advantage.

For the agent community, Qwest is one of the best carriers we work with and we don't see any changes in operation, product, or commissions happening in the next 18 months.

We here want all of our agents to know that this possible merger with Qwest could be a very good thing with more foot print, more products, and more opportunity.

Ken Mercer
Sr. Vice President
Telecom Brokerage Inc
Desk: 847-353-1846
Fax: 847-465-1488
[email protected]

Dave Laskowski

Here is a good source to read about the merger.

Qwest has a partner conference call planned for tomorrow where we should learn more.

Dave Laskowski
CTG3 - Senior Partner
425-458-4070 Voice

Adam Edwards

Telarus views this as a positive for the channel. Anytime channel friendly carriers improve their financial structure and expand their footprint, the channel wins.


As a sub, I agree with the comments above. I think this will open up new doors.

CenturyTel and Qwest are wise enough to understand the value of the channel and the danger of isolating the channel.

I must confess that I feel more secure knowing that all of my Qwest business goes through a Qwest Premier Partner, ADVODA. IF we see any shakeup in the channel program at all, I think it is likely to be with the smaller partners who may not be performing as well with Qwest.

For the time-being, I don't see any reason to panic. We all need to turn our energy back to what we are best at: selling.

Shawna Killen
Killen Advisors, LLC

Brad James - James Communicatrions Corp.

Qwest is well known for cutting off loyal agents who do not meet, or just fall short, of the billing levels outlined in the agent contract... often with no warning.

If you are going to sell Qwest, I would strongly suggest doing so under a large Master who has met any commitment thresholds.

Roy Tanner

Five Star Communications is excited about the union of CenturyLink and Qwest. Congratulations to both!!
We are fortunate to be a valued CenturyLink partner since the inception of its Partner Program. We also proudly represent Qwest as a Premier Partner since the company purchased LCI back in 1990. The combined strength of these two powerful companies will yield significant benefits for telecommunications clients nationwide. I believe this merger will create a new communications powerhouse by blending the unique resources and capabilities of both CenturyLink & Qwest -- together delivering the best of both worlds.
Great Selling!!
Roy Tanner
Five Star Communications

Matthew Miclette

Five Star Communications long-term partner relationships run deep & wide with both companies, and Five Star is prepared to work through any challenges that may unfold during the merger process to continue to deliver unparalleled service and support to our clients. We are confident CenturyLink will continue the spirit and momentum of the leading Partner Program (QBPP) in the industry today. It is also critical to maintain the level of excellence we expect from Qwest, especially with regard to its outstanding ordering, commissions, and provisioning processes. As a proud partner of both, our goal is to enhance our customer experience and increase sales with both organizations to ensure a bright and prosperous future for all those involved.
Matthew Miclette
Director of Business Development
Five Star Communications

 Mona Eastman

Dear Mr. Miclette: As a consumer and client of Qwest, for my landline phone,
cordless AT&T cordless and DSL for my computer; I am wondering how this merger of Qwest and CenturyLink will affect me. Does it mean higher costs,
and who do I pay?

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