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Gene Elmore

5 Star Communications has proven to be one of the most effective Master Agents in our program today. Their success with Qwest has been largely attributed to their Back Office Support and thorough knowledge of our products, processes, and customer delivery. 5 Star continues to strive for excellent results and continually strives for unparalleled support of Agents that provide value added solutions to our clients.

Gene Elmore
Regional Sales Director
Qwest Business Partner Program

Anthony Perri

I have known Roy Tanner , 5 Start for almost 30 years, his leadership instills fairness and integrity. When Roy tells you something you can take it to the bank....

Anthony Perri
Darren Daulton Enterprises

Doug Bradshaw

We have worked with Five Star since 1996 and they have done an outstanding job of getting our Qwest orders provisioned on time. Five Star’s back-office always provides fast & accurate pricing, contracts and provisioning, and truly give “5-Star” service.

Doug Bradshaw (Doug Bradshaw & Associates)

Beverly McGill (Principal, ACC)

5 Star is unparalleled in their back office support of sub-agents and customers. They are out of the box thinkers who know how to quickly accomplish their customer needs and objectives. Roy and Debbie are the owners and visionaries of the company and always seem to be a step ahead. Combine that with the work ethic and commitment of Matt, Janise and Kim and you have a winning combination that we haven’t found with any other master agent.

William Agosta C.P.M.

Saint Francis University has been doing business with Interstate Gas Marketing for the past 5 years. They have proven to be a reputable firm marketing natural gas and electricity. The service is impeccable and invoicing is always on time and correct. We have worked with one of their best sales rep's, Joe Miller, he always is quick to respond to our questions and request.

William Agosta C.P.M.
Director of Purchasing
Saint Francis University


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