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Dan Baldwin

I was driving down the freeway and saw a giant billboard or "Forgiven Energy", a new energy drink with a cross in the logo. When you go to their website at http://forgivenenergy.com, the only religious reference is a quote of Philippians 2:1

I think if you have a religious reference in your logo it would be appropriate to explain it to some degree in your website.

jay adams

I just saw that today and agree it's a brave move. Not going to say it's right, not right, good or bad for business. The one issue I have was one VOIP dealer "telling" me I should put scripture and symbols, etc on my website.

My take is this. I should let my actions speak louder than my words for glorifying Christ. So when I worked for the CLECs it didn't take long for others to know where I stood.


About 10 years ago a friend of mine started a business with a very apparent Irish Catholic company name. After many years of struggling they decided to change the name.

Business blew up and they are now one of the biggest in their industry.

Playing the religion card is just bad business, period!

Also – Needing a symbol to remind you of your morals is pretty week.


For me... I wear my religion on my sleeve. I believe it shows my commitment to my Faith, which gives a clear indication that I am also committed to all the other aspects of my life without apology. For those who respect that... you build business relationships that last a life time. For those that are offended... those are relationships I want to steer clear of.

Hollie Clere

I think it is wonderful and I agree with them as I too look at the information a person or company has posted online to be a good judge of the type of person I would be working with. As Christians, we are challenged with this question daily, “Do I share my faith with people I work with?” “How much is too much?” Honestly – your heart will show through the interests you have and the honest work you do, but letting others know does not hurt a business owner. I feel it promotes honesty and integrity. I support their efforts in sharing faith publicly. Too many Christians worry about appearances instead of being good disciples and sharing God’s word in work, at home, or even running errands. If it offends someone, then maybe that is someone you weren’t supposed to do business with. After all, isn’t God the one who provides?

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